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Mission Statement:  A financial facilitation company design to coordinate risk retention pools and potential hazards marginalized, limited and at-risk communities.

Our client:  Our financial community involves unique financial communities with obstacles to coordinating with the world’s financial mainstream.  Our affiliates perceive and appreciate accountability, credibility, transparency and a concierge-level of service from institutions that tend to be too big, either to fail, . . . or to care.

Our member-owner:  Risk retention groups with an understanding of what it will take to foster and finance the communities they choose to co-create in a financially responsible, sustainable manner.

Our professionals:  Our real estate entitlement professionals, developers, construction managers, financial engineers, investment bankers, liability and fronting life insurance specialists,  actuaries, accountants and lawyers are available to help sculpt an intelligently optimized solution to a variety of innovative problems.   We are the opposite of streamlined efficiency in a “one size fits all” financial universe.



Bringing the unbanked into the financial system


Financial empowerment for the unbanked and under-banked communities, we help understand and analyze the properties of insurance for our RRG members ~ community-oriented, niche groups, where the needs of the friends and affiliates may differ from the general consumer.


We have a shared commercial / financial institution, which works in connection with the real estate investments trusts (REITs), non-profits, risk retention groups, and other financially-oriented associations.



Building Plan II

Defining Your Risk


Out of the observation that many of our real estate developer, risk retention group and the various non-profit educational, religious, health and scientific programs found it difficult to finance financial entities that understood or catered to their unique problems.   


If you’re like us, you have unique problems, and you wanted the most talented people available to help you deal with the complexity, rather than to just smooth them away and ignore it by sweeping them under the rug.

You also have complicated opportunitiesand risks, most of which which main stream commercial instutitions will never have time, motivation or resources to address.  


We try to enable you to define and mitigate financial risks in only the way the professionals such as you are capable of understanding.  


“When it comes to risk, do it your way”.

Distributed Financial Applications

internetwork of networks

Our risk retention groups are designed to internetwork with a variety of financial entities, and we are interfaced with private banks (offshore, sovereign, traditional, digital), private/captive insurance and risk retention groups and investment and syndication events to provide you with access to many options for traditional and digital finance.

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